Baby Police

From the studio that brought you “Snake Hard" and "I Guess Our Dog Opened a Restaurant" comes a new movie, from the studioio that brought you "Dog Restaurant Owner" and "Mission Ipossible: Snakemaster Kevin" comes a movie which can only be described as "Lethal Weaplon, with babies, turned up to “11”, then turned all the way down”. Nothing has mixed adorableness with hardcore cop/police action quite like “Toddler Precinct" besides "Baby Police”.

Baby Police”.

Their Bedtime is Never, For These Streets Never Sleep ©

You Have the Right To Remain…Silent ©

Just When You Thought You Weren’t Under Arrest…Baby Police ©

Hey Moms: Better Watch Out For Getting Arrested By Your Baby Police ©

Just When You Thought You Weren’t Under Arrest…Baby Police: You ARE Under Arrest©

Never before has there been a movie that every gun is shooting for the ENTIRE movie. Every car is on fire FOR THE ENTIRE MOVIE. Every baby went through rigorous police training to make the police action the most authentic baby police action ever filmed (outside of Toddler Precinct).

When these tiny babies arrest you, they don’t just arrest you. They kill you. And cut your fucking head in half. “You’re under arrest: life arrest. Head arrest. ©”

Baby Police: You’ve Seen Infants, But Not Like These (police infants) ©

You Have the Right To Remain…Silnent ©

The opening scene of Baby Police has been drescribed by film critic Rorg Gutchbower as “Whoa. Simply whoa.” The opening scene alone shows dozens of flaming cans, a bunch of knives, a car, this guy who’s sort of like a baby, 2 guns, 3 decent breasts, TV’s “tool man” Tin Taylor, a monster (just kidding there’s no monster!), Rorg Gutchbower, and a field.

"I had to wear a fucking helment no protect my mind from the burtal, police-like action."- Clurch Winchman, Gold Prospector