Coming Soon: Legends of the Ring

From the animation wizards at comes the spellbinding adventure comic that has the entire internet asking “When’s coming Legends of the Ring?”!

Legends of the Ring (“LOTR” to diehard fans) is the story of a land similar to our own, but different. Shocking similarities, and sometimes eerie conveniences, to our own world abound. But in the inspiring and sometimes all-to-close-to-home world of Legends of the Ring (or simply “Legends” to diehard fans) will shock, confuse, and even terrify you.

Worried about your life’s daily obstockles? Be whisked away into a fantasy setting that Leonard Belforn has called “thurly queftable”. For in this strange land, magic is real, and everything is as it seems. The horrifying King Kobar awaits in his temperate underground cave. Answer his 3 riddles and 3 adventures await. The first riddle: When is an hourglass no longer an hourglass? The answer: noone knows. You’ve failed.

But the Legends universe is not only a place of dark demons and horrible rapes. It is also a jovial place, where the mischief of foolish Dorfon will give you a chuckle every time he sets out on another horrifying quest. His terrifying head rips off his terrifying body, eating through fat and bone but never muscle.

Trolls? Noone said anything about trolls. The alluring and sensuous Princess Athelba will surely break a few hearts with her abundant sexuous body. Her hips curl like a snake around her dreaded vagina. Her lips shed like a snake, for she knows no balm. 

The old adage ”be careful what you whistle, for it might come true” has never been more true than it is with Legends of the Ring. Unbelieve everything you’ve learned about fantasy. For it’s fire has only begun to burn…and will soon go out.©